Saturday, 4 February 2017

Christian maturity as explained by an onion

Image result for onionReading the scriptures can often make me feel like I am an onion, because each time I make a conscious effort to be the person that God made me to be, I find I am forced to shed a layer of worldliness. I seem to comprise successive layers of worldliness, and the aim is to get to the core of fruit: the God-filled self.
     But the analogy goes further: as each layer of worldliness is removed, so the amount of ‘me’ remaining becomes progressively smaller. And the analogy goes further: as you get closer to the centre of the onion, you weep more bitterly in response to the action of removing the layers. The following poem may help: 

I feel like an onion
when I pray to the Lord
for the layers of selfishness
are shed and abhorred.
So after each prayer
I try to be peeled
removing the worldliness,
my sins to be healed.
And after unpeeling
It’s smaller what’s left
The ‘me’ that was there
is small and bereft.
But after removing
the layers of sin
entering my new clean self
without the skin
... I find that I’m weeping

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